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We DID it!!!

A HUGE Thank You to everyone that attended the show and/or helped, participated, donated. What a successful intro show it was, and we are beyond grateful for the AMAZING people that allowed us to work with and for them.

A Very Special thanks to Artists:

Alana Airitam & Leah Pantéa

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As we finally begin this venture, the idealistic hope and aspirations that propelled us is still there.

We want to show, in earnest, the ways which people view, connect, and dispel art. Since we are still building the grander part of this project, we thought an exhibition to remind us -and show the rest of you- why we started this thing might be the best way to show our vision and where we hope to go.

First up! Myths + Origins.


Myths + Origins

Apotheosis Art presents a new exhibition featuring artwork by Alanna Airitam and Leah Pantea. Exhibit will be on display from August 30 - September 6, 2018. A private preview will be held Thursday August 30, 5-7pm followed by a public viewing from 7-9pm. Drinks and food will be served alongside musical entertainment.

Myths and Origins is an exhibition focusing on the artwork of two prominent San Diego based artists, staged in a domestic environment. Showcasing their most recent series to highlight the immaterial and ideological aspects of our world. Each artist’s work takes us on a journey, exploring their own vision of the stories, myths, and ideas that lead us to our own truths.


Alanna Airitam

Artist Alanna Airitam has always loved people’s faces. “They are so expressive, but also hold so much mystery. I believe we all have stories that need to be told. The more we share, the more we realize we are all very much alike. Sure, we all have unique things about us that make us special-different, but at the core, we all eat, sleep, and shit. I’m interested in investigating the beauty of people in their quirks, in the vulnerabilities, in the power to show that we all have a unique story, but we also share the same story of being human.”

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Golden Age

The Golden Age began out of the artist’s desire to see people of color represented in fine art. This project, The Golden Age, is inspired by the Dutch Realism Golden Age of painting. This series asks us to shift our perspective and ask what if we had inclusivity in art where these stories could co-exist together. To create a story that lives parallel to the 17th century Dutch Renaissance, Airitam compared the black renaissance of art and culture that occurred in Harlem. A city named after the Dutch city Haarlem that was the home to some of the greatest masterworks of the Dutch Golden age.


Leah Pantéa

In the Janus collection, Pantéa is pulling forward an elaborate, colorful, and detailed abstract landscape. As a work becomes fully realized, she begins to apply a veil of white, masking most of the work that lies beneath, pushing it back into the void from which it came. In this, the work discusses the mysterious, and how we place our faith. The veil is not intended to be deceptive or create space between the unknown and us; instead it is a tool to begin a conversation. What does it take to trust stories over our immediate perceptions? Why does the story matter at all? The concept for the series was sparked during an artist’s residency in Iceland (2017). Speaking about the residency, Pantéa said “I want be open. Openness for me is the foundation in which I want to develop all things on. It breeds vulnerability, honesty, humility, connection, and humor. When I arrived at NES, I had carefully propped my fragile little heart's doors open, calling to any and all. And the most amazing thing happened. Partly in response to the new location I'm sure, but mostly due to my openness, my heart strings tangled with others who were seeking the same type of open connection. It was simple, smooth and even efficient bonding with people who were open for making friendships.”