Myths + Origins

The show will focus on the artwork of two San Diego based artists. Please check out our instagram page for updates on the show and happenings along the way

Apotheosis Art presents a new exhibition featuring artwork by Alanna Airitam and Leah Pantea. Exhibit will be on display from August 30 - September 6, 2018. A private preview will be held Thursday August 30, 5-7pm followed by a public viewing from 7-9pm. Drinks and food will be served alongside musical entertainment.

Myths and Origins is an exhibition focusing on the artwork of two prominent San Diego based artists, staged in a domestic environment. Showcasing their most recent series to highlight the immaterial and ideological aspects of our world. Each artist’s work takes us on a journey, exploring their own vision of the stories, myths, and ideas that lead us to our own truths.