Who We Are

Mission: Elevating artists and their work. Providing audiences with an educational, progressive art experience. We aim to serve the global arts community by providing both artists and collectors with a sense of trust, knowledge, and fairness.

Vision: To become an innovative, educational, and respected online art gallery.

Purpose: Giving people the tools to learn, love, and appreciate art as much as we do. To provide the tools for an exceptional art experience.

Promise:  We will always work with the artists to present the best possible exhibitions, both online and in physical spaces. Ensuring that buyers and members feel like they are learning and finding new, exciting art and experiences.

Voice: We’re working on it..

Interested in buying art? In addition to the supporting artists that work with us, we also assist with artwork acquisition, purchasing, and consultation. Email for inquiries.

Large scale project in the works? We also work with Velvenoir, and are able to connect you with any of their affiliated consultants from around the world.

Please check back in the future! Apotheosis art is still in development.

Other queries? Contact us directly info@apotheosisart.com